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Boston, Salem and Lynn Criminal Defense Lawyer
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  • DUI/OUI Charges.
  • Drug Offenses.
  • Assault & Battery Accusations.
  • Firearm/Gun charges.
  • Probation Violation Hearings.
  • Post-Arrest Detention Hearing.
  • Restraining Order Hearings/Violations.
  • Harassment Protection Orders
  • Visa Applications, Immigration Petitions 
Immigration lawyer Lynn, MA, and Salem, MA, and Boston
When it comes to immigration, as your immigration lawyer in Boston, Salem, or Lynn MA, or in any town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts we will address your immigration legal needs. If you need to find a Boston area Immigration lawyer to handle your visa or your immigration issues with the INS or with USCIS, that is the the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, call us. If your petition for a visa on behalf of a relative, son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, father, mother, or parent was denied. We could represent you to appeal, reopen or reconsider the decision. Our office is conveniently located right across from the Lynn City Hall with ample parking space and within a walking distance to public transportation lines. 

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