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    Need Criminal Defense Lawyer Lynn MA?

    That first encounter with the criminal justice system can be daunting for someone charged with a crime. His expectations, many times, are fraught with misconceptions and misinformation. The risks can be great irrespective of the alleged offense. Simple missteps in navigating the process can cause irreversible consequences that may affect one’s professional prospects, community reputation, his path to citizenship and most significantly his liberty.

    Careful understanding of the proceedings is essential to achieving a level field and ultimately a fair outcome where the accused’s rights are fully exercised.

    You will find that your prime accuser is no less than the mighty State with her well oiled machinery that begins with its law enforcement agencies and ends in the hands of its experienced corps of prosecutors: this is your opposition which is heeled in unmatchable resources in men, women, money and investigative powers.

    On your first day in court you stand facing that awesome power that has already charged you and is initiating the process to convict you and, if successful in her aims, to punish you. The prosecution has set her sight on you as the one on whom they want justice to be served.

    To proceed alone is to enter the lion’s den unprotected and unshielded. This is why you need a criminal defense attorney to stand between you and that exacting power of the state.

    Behind that bar, the prosecutor will tend to the interests of the state; the judge, to the interests of a fair trial and an exact application of the law; and your lawyer, to you, your liberty, your good reputation and your innocence. Behind that bar, that criminal defense lawyer is your only friend, only advocate, and best defense.

    Our services may be engaged from the time of incident (fight or accident), even before an arrest takes place or a warrant or summons are issued. We can be available to meet with you at home, at the scene, or at the police station. We could represent you at the clerk magistrate or initial bail hearing. At the arraignment, after a plea of not guilty is entered, we will fight for your immediate pretrial release with minimal restrictions on your liberty. A plea deal is not negotiated unless it is in your the best interest. We will be your counsel at your probation violation hearing. 

    Our Eastern Massachusetts and Boston legal fees, or rates, are reasonable and, we hope, affordable. We provide the client the care, attention and full dignity that he may feel is lacking sometimes through the proceedings. We understand the pain and indignity that an accusation may bring to an individual, where the charges may also have been published in local newspapers. We outline the procedural steps, we untangle the misconceptions (such as: “since the police did not read me my rights, the case should be dismissed and the charges dropped ”). We explain, the elements of the crime, the jail or prison sentences for such charges, the defenses and case disposition options.  Even though outcomes or results cannot be guaranteed, we strive to provide a professional representation that is shaped by many years of trial experience, and legal training. 

    If you need a Lynn Criminal Defense attorney or a Salem criminal defense attorney to appear with you to remove a warrant call us. Mindful of the panoply of your concerns in any court in MA we will appear with you in the Lynn District Court or the Boston Courts or the Chelsea, Salem, Gloucester, Newburyport, or Cambridge Courts.

    Or if you need to seal a criminal record in Massachusetts contact our office.

    If your license to drive was suspended by the registry of motor vehicle, RMV or DMV, because of a default warrant call our office. In drug cases, whether charged with possession or distribution, in or outside a school zone, of class A drugs, or class B drugs, or class C drugs or class D drugs, our defense will address the legality of the arrest, of the stop, of the search, the evidentiary sufficiency of the chemical analysis and any other constitutional aspects that apply. For an experienced Lynn Criminal Defense Lawyer or to find out more about our affordable legal service rates, contact our office to arrange for initial free consultation. Please note that the better etiquette for calling an attorney practicing criminal law a criminal defense attorney and not as for example criminal lawyer Lynn MA.

    Need Immigration Attorney Lynn Massachusetts?

    When it comes to immigration, as your immigration lawyer in Boston, Salem, or Lynn, MA, or in any town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts we will address your immigration legal needs. If you need to find a Boston area Immigration lawyer to handle your visa or your immigration issues with the INS or with USCIS, that is the the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, call us. Our office is conveniently located right across from the Lynn City Hall with ample parking space and within a walking distance to public transportation lines.

  • Lynn and Salem, MA, Immigration Attorney
    I represent  foreign nationals before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), in labor certifications, temporary work visas, family petitions, and removal defense.

  • Lynn Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney
    Criminal Defense Lawyer: Drug Offenses
    Trial experience matters when the accused's liberty and innocence are in the balance. An experienced appreciation of the intricacies of federal and Massachusetts applicable constitutional laws is a significant component to raising a vigorous defense in a criminal case
  • Lynn MA Criminal Defense Attorney 
    DUI/OUI Driving Cases
    I examine all aspects of the charge of operating a motor vehicle under the Influence: from the arrest to the re-instatement of your driver’s license. Did the police make a valid stop? Did they follow the Constitutional guidelines in interviewing and charging you? Were you advised of your full rights as mandated by law? Were the field sobriety and breathalyzer tests properly administered?

  • Salem Criminal Defense Attorney
    Assault and Domestic Abuse Allegations

    I represent individuals accused of assault and battery, including domestic violence, and on violations of restraining orders. We conduct our own investigations and interviews of witnesses. I also represent clients on hearings for restraining or harassment prevention orders.
    Drug Offenses and Firearm Charges
    The defense of charges of possession of contraband (for example, drugs or guns) involves an ever developing federal and state constitutional law. We will investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest, looking at whether the police violated your constitutional rights in building their accusations and gathering their evidence.
  • General Law Practice MA Attorney
    Personal Injury
    Automobile accidents~ Motorcycle Accidents~ Wrongful Death~ Medical malpractice. 
On immigration, in this presidential election year between Obama and Romney, even thought not many legislative changes in immigration law and policy were expected, the president has taken a step to remedy the status of undocumented young would-be immigrant. Moreover, Supreme court has decided a landmark case dealing with Arizona's immigration law. 
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Please note that the better etiquette for calling an attorney practicing criminal law a criminal defense attorney and not as for example criminal lawyer Lynn MA.